2/19/2013 MaltMill, grain mill


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[MALTMILL photo]

In our continuing quest to meet customer demands, we are now offering the MALTMILL in building block form so the OEM or dedicated do-it-yourselfer can purchase only what he does not wish to or can not make himself.

The basic BBP consists of a set of Pre-adjusted rollers installed in the bearing plates and the front and rear containment panels.

There are no compromises or changes from the standard MALTMILL which will process a pound of grain in less than 15 seconds and enough for a five gallon batch in under five minutes with the hand crank. When motorized, it can crush at a rate in excess of 1000 lbs per hour. At 400 RPM, it takes 3.3 seconds to crush one pound.

All of the options available on the standard mill are available on the BB in addition to a few that are unique such as the Hopper Deck pictured above. Please visit our MALTMILL PAGE for descriptions and complete information.

This typical configuration shows one way of mounting the mill using the Hopper Deck and two wood screws. C-Clamps could also be used for temporary setups.

A large funnel or bucket with a hole in the bottom can be placed on top for a hopper and another bucket under the mill to collect the grist.

It also features the Gear Drive Option and optional hand crank on the Adjustable (BBA) version.

This configuration shows a large pulley installed on the mill. The motor would be mounted on the table behind the mill and the customer is of course, responsible for building a guard around the belt and pulleys.

The hopper deck seems to be the simplest method of mounting the mill to a table. It can be purchased from us or made with simple tools and the only critical dimension is the spacing between the mill mounting screws.

The traditional way of mounting the mill is on top of the table with a slot under it for the grain to fall through to a bucket below.

This drawing shows the layout of the slot and mounting holes for the table top mounting.