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The typical backyard may be a great place for a barbecue but it is basically a human habitat where little else survives besides crab grass and dandelions.

As the human population grows and spreads its short grass and concrete over the face of the earth, wildlife species are being forced onto a smaller and smaller share of the planet. When city meets city, extinction is inevitable.

We can all help to slow down this annihilation of Nature's treasures by sharing our backyards with what little wildlife is still around. Your contribution can be anything from a simple bird bath to a dedicated nature sanctuary.


It's hard to believe but some of the most interesting wildlife can be found right in your own backyard. This exciting new video will show you how to turn a boring, urban backyard into an exciting nature sanctuary and keep the neighbors happy at the same time.

BACKYARD SAFARI begins by showing you what and how to plant to attract birds and other wildlife. We show you what kind of bird feeders are the most effective and where to place them. The construction of a garden pond is detailed along with suggestions of the types of plants and animals suitable for a natural pond.

The balance of the film is a walk through the seasons. Starting with the first sign of Spring and ending with a Winter snow storm; dozens of plants, flowers, insects and animals are presented as they develop and grow.

If you follow the simple guidelines in this video, you may qualify for an official certificate from the NATIONAL WILDLIFE FEDERATION'S Backyard Wildlife Habitat Program. Posting this certificate on your fence will go a long way toward appeasing the neighbors.

Through the eyes of the microscope and timelapse photography we bring the wonders of Nature to your TV. Watch a mushroom emerge from the ground, a monarch caterpillar hatch out of an egg and turn into a butterfly. A sparrow hawk with a broken leg is re-habilitated and given a new lease on life.

Every bit of this beautiful video was shot in one location -- a once, very typical urban backyard, within the city limits of Chicago.

Whether you just want to see what can be done in a small yard or actually create your own nature sanctuary, this video will supply all the answers. In addition, it will provide delightful views of Nature in action.


Video Librarian..... "Highly Recommended"

Garbage Magazine.... "The sincerity behind the hard-won pictures will make you feel involved in a way a slick National Geographic special never could. After seeing the work needed to attract nature (Jack's cheerful wife Marilyn appears to do most of it) you watch as bold, new urbanites flutter, crawl and hop into the new habitat."

Whole Earth Ecolog.... "From lacewing beetle to the rabbit that visits this postage-stamp paradise, the diversity of life in a small backyard is astounding, entertaining, humbling - a good, doable project for homeowners anywhere."

Neighborhood Works.... "An educational tool that combines strong environmental ethics with straightforward, hands-on tasks that appeals both to children and adults."

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