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The following photographs are of objects far beyond the neighborhood of the Milky Way Galaxy.




At 3 billion light years, 3C273 is probably the most distant object visible in a backyard telescope. At magnitude 12.8, it should be visible in a 10" scope under dark skies. I was unable to see it in my 10" under magnitude 5 sky. However, it was a piece of cake for the 90 mm astrograph. The exposure was 20 minutes on hypered Techpan.

The vertical line points down to the object.

There is a finder chart on page 2101 of Burnham's Celestial Handbook. This photo is to roughly the same scale and orientation as the chart. I would like to hear from anyone who can actually see this object.

[AN Neb]

NGC 7331 and Stephens Quintet in Pegasus

This photo contains a large galaxy (NGC7331) in the lower left that is relatively near to our Local Group of galaxies. It also contains a group of very remote galaxies (Stephan's Quintet) similar to our Local Group.

Stephens Quintet is/are the fuzzballs in the upper right. Actually, 12 galaxies can be counted on the negative.

This photo was a 90 minute exposure on Techpan film through the 10" telescope.


NGC 7331 in Pegasus

This spiral galaxy is often cited as being very similar to the our own Milky Way and what it might look like from intergalactic space.

NGC7331 contains the mass of about 140 billion Suns and lies at a distance of about 50 million light years or about 20 times farther than the Great Andromeda Galaxy.

This image was a 40 minute exposure on the MX5 CCD camera through the 16" telescope.


Stephen's Quintet in Pegasus

This is an enlargement of the group photo.

This image was a 40 minute exposure on the MX5 CCD camera through the 16" telescope.



M84 and M86, The Heart of the Virgo Cluster

This photo is of the M84/M86 region taken with the 10" Newt at prime focus.

All photos taken with the.....JSP ASTROCAMERA

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